Wherewithal Grants

Wherewithal Grants are a new funding source for public-facing alternative and experimental visual art projects inside the nation's Beltway. Generously funded by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts as part of its regional regranting program and managed by Washington Project for the Arts, they are intended to both sustain and stimulate artist-organized culture.


The DC region has long been home to rich pockets of D.I.Y., self-organized culture. Its homegrown music scenes, including Go-Go and Punk, are legendary. In the visual arts, DC has had an equally rich, if less visible, history of independent artist collaboratives and artist-run spaces. Today, locally based artists and cultural producers face challenges that earlier generations did not. These include rampant gentrification—resulting in rising rents, widespread displacement, and wholesale demographic change. Because funding is often limited for independent practices, it is increasingly difficult for artists to remain in the DC area.


Wherewithal Grants provide project-based support for public-facing research, production, presentation, or critical reflection. The grants are competitive and awarded by a panel consisting of arts professionals from around the country. We anticipate giving between ten to fifteen grants annually, ranging from $2,500 to $7,500 each.

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